If tonight will be too cold for the heat pump, set the thermostat even lower (Part 2 of 2) (Ecobee)


If your only source of heat is a heat pump with electric backup, this will save you money by lowering the heating setpoint even further on nights that are too cold for the heat pump to run. Normal operation resumes in the morning. (Requires companion recipe 268218) https://ifttt.com/recipes/268218


Google Calendar icon
Event from search starts

This Trigger fires a set number of minutes before the starting time of an event on your Calendar that contains a specific keyword or phrase in the event’s Title, Description, or Location. Ingredient will be based on the zone set in Google.


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Set thermostat comfort profile until next transition

This Action will set the thermostat into a hold using the settings from the specified comfort profile. This comfort profile hold will remain in effect until the next next comfort profile transition in the program.

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