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How to show your watching Youtube on Discord

Show your friends what YouTube video you are currently viewing by displaying the custom status on your Discord profile. It’s simple and it also works with Netflix, SoundCloud, Twitch and YouTube Music.

YouTube Applets

For casual watchers, dedicated fans, and content creators alike, there are hundreds of ways to integrate YouTube videos into your life and your home. The easiest way to automatically share your latest videos with your audience across...

What is a Webhook?

A Webhook allows you to integrate with services that are not already on IFTTT using simple web requests. These Applets are unique to you using your own unique URL key, which can be found in the Documentation section of the Webhooks...

Guide to social media automation

Social media works better with IFTTT. Social media content planning, sharing, and engagement looks different for every platform and user. To create systems that work for you and help you accomplish your goals, you need a tool that makes...

Summer's top 5 IFTTT Creator videos

Each month we compile a list of the top Creator videos from across YouTube. Here are the best videos to get you started with Applet creation and exploring all of the things you can connect using IFTTT.

YouTube Creator Connections

Using the IFTTT and YouTube Channel Memberships integration allows you to collect information about your paid members, stay organized, and connect with members like never before. Keeping track of your members, getting the information...

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