Note: This service will be closed, Please transfer to Seeed Wio. The new service support Real-Time Trigger.





  • Monitor a sensor value

    This Trigger fires every time the value of a Grove sensor on your devices meets the certain condition you specify.

    Trigger Fields
    • Which sensor value?
    • Compare condition
    • Define value


  • Turn on/off Grove Relay

    This Action will turn on/off a Grove Relay of your devices.

    Action Fields
    • Which Grove Relay?
    • Turn on/off
  • Light up Grove WS2812 LED strip

    This Action will light up a Grove WS2812 LED strip which connect to your Wio device with specific color mode.

    Action Fields
    • Which Grove WS2812 LED Strip?
    • Which color?
  • Turn on/off Grove Electromagnet

    This Action will turn on/off the magnetic switch of your Grove Electromagnet.

    Action Fields
    • Which Grove Electromagnet?
    • Turn on/off
  • Turn on/off electroluminescent(EL) wire

    This Action will turn on/off the electroluminescent which connect to your Grove EL driver.

    Action Fields
    • Which Grove El?
    • Turn on/off
  • Drive any Grove

    This Action will drive any Grove devices. Set appropriate parameters refer to the API documentation which can be found on the API page of the Android/IOS App.

    Action Fields
    • Which function on Grove?
    • First Parameter
    • Second Parameter
    • Third Parameter
    • Fourth Parameter