Seeed Wio

Seeed Wio

Seeed Wio is Wi-Fi solution to simplify IoT development by virtualizing plug-n-play modules to Web of Things. Feedback



Seeed Wio


  • Monitor a sensor value

    This trigger fires every time the value of a Grove sensor on your devices meets the certain condition you specify.

    Trigger Fields
    • Which sensor value?
    • Compare condition
    • Define value
  • Check Event real-time

    This trigger fires when your Grove Sensor post a Event. Like Button click, Gesture recognition.

    Trigger Fields
    • Which Event on Grove?
Seeed Wio


  • On, Off or Toggle Grove

    This Action will turn on/off or toggle a Grove. Support Grove Relay, Grove Dry Reed Relay, Grove Solid State Relay, Grove SPDT Relay, Grove Electromagnet, Grove EL Driver, Generic Digital Output.

    Action Fields
    • Which Grove?
    • Do
  • Light up Grove WS2812 LED strip

    This Action will light up a Grove WS2812 LED strip which connect to your Wio device with specific color mode.

    Action Fields
    • Which Grove WS2812 LED Strip?
    • Which color or pattern?
    • Brightness?
  • Drive any Grove with API

    This Action will drive any Grove devices. Set appropriate parameters refer to the API documentation which can be found on the API page of the Android/IOS App.

    Action Fields
    • Which function on Grove?
    • First Parameter
    • Second Parameter
    • Third Parameter
    • Fourth Parameter
  • Rainbow Grove WS2812 LED strip

    This action will rainbow that LED strip with specify speed and brightness.

    Action Fields
    • Which Grove WS2812 LED Strip?
    • How many LEDs?
    • Speed
    • Brightness
  • Sleep Wio device

    This action will let the device sleep for a certain time. After the certain time, the device will wake up.

    Action Fields
    • Which Wio device?
    • How much time?