What is IFTTT?
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Expose and expand the reach of any API

Have an API? Connect it to an ecosystem of 650+ products, 200K developers, and 20M users

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Native integrations are expensive and they don't scale. With new apps, devices, and API protocols launching every week, how can developers keep up?

By 2025, there will be 75 billion connected products worldwide — more than six times the number of devices connected to the internet today. Almost anything can be connected: lighting, personal electronics like toothbrushes and razors, clothing, banking, health monitoring, music — even our pets.


FTTT makes integrations affordable, easy, and scalable. Our Service API turns one integration with IFTTT into countless connections across our ecosystem of apps and devices. Then, leverage our Connect API to embed any of them directly in your own clients for a seamless, native user experience.

IFTTT enables a powerful and easy-to-use way to elevate our customer experience and further differentiate our products in the market place.

Chris Jones , Chief Technology Officer at iRobot


Drive engagement with sticky Applets

Every Applet tells a story and solves a pain point. Build new, marketable features your users want within minutes.

Infinitely flexible to your users

Embed integrations in your apps, email, website, or anywhere your users are.

Connect with every thing

Expose and expand your API to the world's largest ecosystem of APIs. New apps and devices launch every week!

Follow user behavior

See beyond the perimeter of your product and into the countless ways users connect their things together.

How developers use IFTTT

IFTTT provides flexible APIs, SDKs, and step-by-step documentation for turning any endpoint into a trigger, action, or query — the building blocks of every Applet. Publish your Applets for everyone to use or embed them directly in your apps with the Connect API. For example:

This what an IFTTT-powered, embedded Dropbox feature might look like inside a Travel App. It uses our Connect API and SDKs to put integrations directly into clients for a seamless, native experience.

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