hour_chime: Part of a set to blink every quarter-hour.


In Blink1Control, add IFTTT blink rule to match hour_chime. I have my quarter-hour pattern set to Green for 2 seconds, then Off for 1 second. This may be used in a set with chime_15, chime_30, chime_45, and hour_chime. At chime_30 I have that same pattern play 2 times, and at chime_45 it plays 3 times. At hour_chime you can have it a different color, play 4 times, or whatever.


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Every hour at

This Trigger fires once an hour at :00, :15, :30, or :45 minutes past the hour.


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Send blink event

This Action will send your blink(1) a new event.

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ID LjaDd4sr

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