If datapoint added to one Beeminder goal, add a +1 datapoint to another goal (meta-beeminding)


Pick the goal you want to watch and the goal you want to add a datapoint to. Every time you add a datapoint to the first goal, the second goal will get a +1 datapoint added to it, with the details of the first goal's datapoint in the comment. NOTE THAT THIS WON'T ALWAYS WORK WELL WITH INTEGRATION-BASED GOALS (e.g. Toggle, Apple Health, etc.) since many of those datapoints are updated, rather than recreated, so only the day's first datapoint will be caught by the recipe.


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Datapoint added to a specific goal

This Trigger fires every time a datapoint is added to a specific goal.


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Add datapoint

This Action will add a new datapoint to a Beeminder goal.

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