Do more with your Discover Weekly playlist


Never miss out on recommended tracks again! When your Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify is updated for the week, archive it in your own personal playlist, save it to a Google Drive spreadsheet, and get an email digest showcasing all the tracks selected for you for that week.


Spotify icon
New track added to a playlist

This Trigger fires every time a new track is added to a playlist you specify.


Spotify icon
Add track to a playlist

This Action will search for a track and add the first result to a playlist you specify.


Google Sheets icon
Add row to spreadsheet

This action will add a single row to the bottom of the first worksheet of a spreadsheet you specify. Note: a new spreadsheet is created after 2000 rows.


Email Digest icon
Add to weekly email digest

This Action will add an item to your weekly digest sent once a week on the day and time you specify.

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