Turn on the lights in the christmas tree using #Autovoice, #Tasker, #EmailMePro, @IFTTT and @Smappee


Configure #Tasker to send an email to @IFTTT using #EmailMePro when #Autovoice recognises someone saying "christmas tree on". Use this IFTTT recipe to trigger a @Smappee plug. Merry Christmas!


Email icon
Send IFTTT an email tagged

Send IFTTT an email at trigger@applet.ifttt.com with a hashtag in the subject (e.g. #IFTTT) and this Trigger fires. You can optionally add a single file attachment (up to 30MB) and IFTTT will create a public URL to the file as an Ingredient.


Smappee icon
Turn on plug

This Action will turn on a plug for the specified duration.

Fewer details

ID cbE8zwGY

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