If Octopus Agile electricity price is high turn my Hue lights red


When my Octopus Agile energy price rises past x pence per kWh, make my Hue light(s) turn red. Set your own price threshold and which Hue lights to do this for. You can also change this to when the price falls below a value and optionally set after & before times so it only runs at certain times of day if you don't want to woken at 2.00am by the lights turning red, unless that's your thing.


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Energy price change

Use this trigger to fire something when your electricity price falls or rises past your set threshold and between your preferred time settings.


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Change color

This Action will change the color of your hue lights. NOTE: Accepts color names and CSS hex color values. Defaults to white if no color match is found. NOTE: not compatible with hue lux bulbs.

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ID eniK2YDe

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