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Honeywell Single-zone Thermostat

The Single-zone Thermostat from Honeywell, an affordable smart thermostat acting as a simple first step toward a connected home. Easy to install, easy to use, it can be controlled from your mobile phone or tablet. Currently only available in European markets.



Honeywell Single-zone Thermostat


There are currently no triggers for this service.
Honeywell Single-zone Thermostat


  • Enable quick action

    This action will enable a quick action at one of your locations. This can either be permanent or for a number of days/hours.

    Action Fields
    • Location
    • Quick Action
    • Duration
    • Duration in
  • Disable a quick action

    This action will remove any existing quick action at your location and set your heating system to follow the schedule.

    Action Fields
    • Location
  • Set a zone temperature

    This action sets an override on target temperature of one of your zones. This can either be permanently set or just for a number of hours.

    Action Fields
    • Which zone?
    • Target temperature
    • Temperature in
    • Hours