Switch on KNX lights when Roomba starts after dark


Newer models of the iRobot Roomba no longer move randomly through rooms, but track next to track. To do this, the camera must orient itself to the ceiling. This works best with a little light. This applet helps the Roomba by switching on the light when the hoover starts. The applet sends the start information to the Timberwolf Server. The server switches on the light when it is dark. Via KNX, but also via DMX, 1-Wire, MQTT, HTTP-API etc.


iRobot icon
Robot Started

This trigger fires when your robot starts a job.


Timberwolf Server icon
Switch on

This action will set a boolean Timberwolf object true. You may connect the object on your Timberwolf Server to other services like KNX, 1Wire, Modbus oder MQTT.

Fewer details

ID NJ482hfX

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