Phone Locator (using Alexa & Macrodroid)


Common 'phone locators' assume it is nearby enough to hear it if made to ring. But what if the phone is further away, out of earshot? No problem now. If you ask Alexa to "Trigger Macrodroid Locator", this applet will instruct (*) Macrodroid to e-mail you the GPS location of the phone (and, yes, make it ring). * More info here:


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Button press

This trigger fires every time you press the button.


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Send a notification from the IFTTT app

This action will send a notification to your devices from the IFTTT app.


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Set ringtone volume

This Action will set the ringtone volume of your Android device.


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Play music

This Action will play music on your Android device. The music played depends on your device and setup. Depending on your version of Android, playback may not start automatically.

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