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Integrate your favorite services and devices with weather updates to inform the temperature in your home using smart home technology or as your secret tool to keep your garden green.

Reduce your seasonal allergies

Your seasonal allergy symptoms may start to act up this time of year. While we do not have an exhaustive list of remedies or tips to help you sneeze less, we can help you make you more prepared for pollen this year. Regular cleaning at...

Stay connected with LINE

Using IFTTT, LINE users can connect various services and devices in new, powerful ways. Not only can this help streamline your notifications, but it can elevate your experiences by allowing you to get the information you want, when and...

Top Services of 2021

With over 700 services and users around the world, we have options for home, lifestyle, and productivity automation that can be catered to almost any scenario. With IFTTT, you can create custom notifications based on smart home...

IFTTT Earth Day Hackathon

We created an internal Earth Day Hackathon to inspire our team and help the IFTTT community see the endless possibilities available with the services available on IFTTT. Check out the IFTTT Team's Earth Day Applets and enable one (or...

Spotlight: Connect multiple accounts per service

We recently launched the ability to connect multiple accounts per service, meaning users can authenticate and automate more than one account within their IFTTT profile. This feature is extremely valuable for anyone who manages both...

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