Email2SMS: Send text messages using your email


Email2SMS allows you to send text messages using your Android phone's number anywhere you can access email as long as your phone is connected to the internet. How does it work? Step 1: Add this recipe to your IFTTT account. Step 2: Send an email to with the subject being the phone number and the body being the text of your message. Step 3: Use our recipe SMS2Email to forward text messages you receive on your phone to your email.


Email icon
Send IFTTT any email

Send IFTTT any email at and this Trigger fires. You can optionally add a single file attachment and IFTTT will create a public URL to the file as an Ingredient. This trigger will reject emails with attachments over 30MB.


Android SMS icon
Send an SMS

This Action will send an SMS from your Android device to any phone number you specify.

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