TEST_If temperature drops BELOW freezing, trigger routine in Alexa


Prevent Frozen Pipes in Winter, this triggers Alexa Announcement when freezing using IFTTT. (Configure: Temperature, Location, and Degrees: C°/F°). Instructions: 1. In Alexa app, enable skill: IFTTT. 2. Login with Amazon. 3. In Alexa app, create new Routine. - Name: Temp BELOW freezing - When this happens: Smart Home, IFTTTrigger-1, Save - Add Action: Messaging, Send Announcement, "WARNING, temperature is below freezing. Drip faucets, etc.", Next, All Devices, Next, Next, Save.


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Current temperature drops below

This Trigger monitors your local temperature and fires whenever the temperature drops below the value you provide.


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This service from mkZense will send an action to run a routine on your Alexa device. Use it to add Voice to your Applet.

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