Where do you think you are going?


If your teenager leaves your home in the middle of the night you will automatically receive a notification. This is triggered when the teen's phone disconnects from your WIFI. The teenager will also receive an SMS text message asking them where they are going. Also includes a Google Sheets log of every time the Applet is triggered.


Google Wifi icon
Device Disconnects

This Trigger fires every time a device disconnects from Google Wifi.


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Notifications icon
Send a rich notification from the IFTTT app

This action will send a rich notification to your devices from the IFTTT app. Rich notifications may include a title, image, and link that opens in a browser or installed app.


Google Sheets icon
Add row to spreadsheet

This action will add a single row to the bottom of the first worksheet of a spreadsheet you specify. Note: a new spreadsheet is created after 2000 rows.


ClickSend SMS icon
Send SMS

This action will send an SMS message

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