What is IFTTT?
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Welcome to the IFTTT Platform

IFTTT helps organizations connect their products to the world. Our expansive API ecosystem transforms the way your product can be utilized when it is integrated with over 700 other products, apps, and services from around the globe. An IFTTT integration is easy to set up, maintain, and we deliver clear analytics along the way.

We have created a standard, low-code way for all apps, devices, and services across the world to communicate with your products. With one integration to IFTTT, you'll have hundreds of new feature possibilities to offer your users. For everything your product can't do on its own, IFTTT has you covered.

Why build an IFTTT integration

Building an IFTTT integration is the most efficient way to give your products the features your users are looking for. Whether you are a business, a developer, or a smart-home hobbyist, the IFTTT Platform is your self-serve toolkit for integrating your products with every other app, device, or service on IFTTT. We've helped over 700 global companies transform their products into fully integrated services, dramatically saving development time while increasing customer acquisition, retention, and engagement. In addition, you'll gain access to new customers and integrations every day.

What you get

As an IFTTT Platform user, you'll have access to the following benefits:

Access our ecosystem

Tap into more than 700 integrated services across 35 industries and over 25 million global users. If it's on IFTTT, you have access to it!

Ecosystem logos

Integrate all of your products

Publish services on IFTTT for any or all of your products.

Integrate with all products on IFTTT

Publish connected features for your products

Empower users with compatibility and control with one-tap automation features.

Publish connected features

Reporting and analytics

Inform your product roadmap and accelerate innovation with access to powerful insights on your services and users.

Reporting and analytics

IFTTT Connect

Want to take your business to the next level? Embed powerful integrations directly into your own mobile app, website, and customer emails by leveraging our Connect API and SDKs.

Qapital Connect example

Who it's for

For Businesses and Developers

All of the services on IFTTT that are available for public use were built by developers at companies. If you're part of a business or affiliated with an API for a product, app, or service that you want to be on IFTTT, you'll be allowed to publicly launch your products as services on IFTTT for all of your users and millions in the IFTTT community to access.

For Personal Use

Not affiliated with a product or API directly? That's okay. As an individual, you can still use the IFTTT Platform to build custom integrations for your own personal use. If there's a product you use but it's not on IFTTT, you can build it yourself with the IFTTT Platform. Check first to see if the company that makes the product you want to integrate offers an open API for you to develop with.

Ready to get started?

Now that you understand what an IFTTT integration can do for your business and products, let's move on to how to get started…