Send recurring Square Cash payments with Google Calendar & Gmail


(1) Create a recurring event on your Google calendar. (2) Your event "Title" must include "$squarecash" or whichever keyword you choose below. (3) The "Where" or Location of the event can be the email address of who you want to send recurring money to. Be sure to include in the actual "Send To" field of the Recipe below! (4) The event's "Description" is the exact dollar amount you want to send, e.g. $200.


Google Calendar icon
Event from search starts

This Trigger fires a set number of minutes before the starting time of an event on your Calendar that contains a specific keyword or phrase in the event’s Title, Description, or Location. Ingredient will be based on the zone set in Google.


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Send an email

This Action will send an email to up to twenty recipients from your Gmail account.

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