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How to make a graph or chart in Google Sheets

In this article, we will show you how to make graphs in Google Sheets. We will also introduce you to IFTTT, which can help automate your workflow and save you time. Let's get started!

Stay connected with LINE

Using IFTTT, LINE users can connect various services and devices in new, powerful ways. Not only can this help streamline your notifications, but it can elevate your experiences by allowing you to get the information you want, when and...

Wyze cameras, lights, and action

Wyze is an extremely popular smart home brand for their modern and sleek appearance, accessible pricing, and the broad spectrum of devices on their site. From home monitoring, health accessories, and other smart home solutions, Wyze can...

How to wrap text in Google Sheets

In this blog post, we will teach you how to wrap text in Google Sheets so that your text fits nicely within each cell. This will help keep your data organized, presentable, and easy to understand. Let's get started text wrapping!

Free ways to go green

Your eco-friendly efforts don’t cost a thing. That is, when they use IFTTT. Create automations that make it possible for you to reduce your carbon footprint without smart devices or appliances and without making major investments into...

Increase accessibility using tech

Technology is one of the most powerful ways to increase accessibility both in the physical and online world. Smart home devices and internet-enabled services can be tailored to use your preference of voice activation, widgets, or other...

IFTTT helps all your apps and devices work better together