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How to automate your virtual assistant

For solopreneurs, aspiring business owners, and side hustlers, there are always going to be too many tasks on your to do list every day. Hiring a virtual assistant or expanding your team can be a great way to increase your capacity and...

Applets for connecting with friends

IFTTT can help you accomplish so many things in your life, from integrating your smart home devices to helping you automate day-to-day tasks. With existing integrations across many of the top communication platforms, including Telegram,...

Applets that will change how you use Twitter

Twitter has always been one of the most popular services to integrate on IFTTT. Lately Twitter users have been sharing the neat ways they are using IFTTT to automate their research, information collection, and trend tracking.

How to be more productive

You are more productive with IFTTT. The ability to create workflows, routines, and automate repetitive tasks make it easier to spend time doing the things that you love with the people who matter most. Plus, when you improve your daily...

Five Applets that will change your life

There are endless ways to automate your life, with millions of Applets and unique ways to combine the services, devices, and apps you use every day. Getting started can feel overwhelming because there are so many opportunities to save...

7 ways the IFTTT app unlocks new features

The free IFTTT app connects you to 700+ APIs everywhere you go. It allows you to integrate Android and iOS devices, tablets, and much more. Here are seven ways the IFTTT app makes your Applets more powerful.

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