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Automations for content creators

For content creators, having high quality content is only a small piece of the puzzle for success. Developing a consistent online presence is important, but the best way to show up online can depend on the type of content you create and...

Stay connected with LINE

Using IFTTT, LINE users can connect various services and devices in new, powerful ways. Not only can this help streamline your notifications, but it can elevate your experiences by allowing you to get the information you want, when and...

Automations for sports fans

Sports fans, it’s time to get Applets ready for your fall teams. Keep track of scores, have your fantasy team strategy sent to your inbox, and celebrate big wins this season.

IFTTT Earth Day Hackathon

We created an internal Earth Day Hackathon to inspire our team and help the IFTTT community see the endless possibilities available with the services available on IFTTT. Check out the IFTTT Team's Earth Day Applets and enable one (or...

Guide to social media automation

Social media works better with IFTTT. Social media content planning, sharing, and engagement looks different for every platform and user. To create systems that work for you and help you accomplish your goals, you need a tool that makes...

Go Pro (for free)

IFTTT is the fastest way to automate and integrate the devices in your life. Applets help users around the world increase daily productivity and connect their smart home in powerful ways. Creating workflows that make every thing work...

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